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DVD: Enter the Kettlebell (EN)

DVD: Enter the Kettlebell (EN)

Enter the Kettlebell!
Strenght Secret of the Soviet Supermen!

- Run Time: 46 minutes
- Language: english
- Format: NTSC
- Region: All Regions
- Number of discs: 1

"Pavel´s Kettlebell Training System --
The Shortcut to extreme Strenght and elite Conditioning. Guaranteed."

By Pavel Tsatsouline

About Pavel

Pavel Tsatsouline, Master of Sports, is a former Soviet Special Forces physical training instructor who has been called "the modern king of kettlebells" for starting the Russian kettlebell revolution in the West.

In 1998 Pavel introduced the ancient Russian strength and conditioning tool to the American public in his subversive article, Vodka, Pickle Juice, Kettlebell Lifting, and Other Russian Pastimes. The article was published by MILO, a magazine for tough hombres who bend steel and lift rocks. When Pavel started getting mail from guys with busted noses, cauliflower ears, scars, or at least Hell's Angels tattoos his publisher took notice.

In 2001 Dragon Door published Pavel's groundbreaking book The Russian Kettlebell Challenge and forged the first US made Russian style cast iron kettlebell. RKC™, the first kettlebell instructor course course on American soil, kicked off.

Several years later Dragon Door published Pavel's book Enter the Kettlebell! which became the golden standard in kettlebell instruction. It was followed by Return of the Kettlebell which introduced the most advanced Russian strength and muscle building techniques.

Pavel is a subject matter expert to the US Marine Corps, the US Secret Service, and the US Navy SEALs. A kettlebell in his fist, he was voted the 'Hot Trainer' by Rolling Stone and appeared in media ranging from Pravda to Fox News. Dr. Randall Strossen, one of the most respected names in the strength world, stated, "In our eyes, Pavel Tsatsouline will always reign as the modern king of kettlebells since it was he who popularized them to the point where you could almost found a country filled with his converts…"

Enter the Kettlebell! DVD Contents

1. Introduction

2. How to Make Your Hips, Back, and Shoulders Speak Russian Body Language
The Sumo Deadlift Test
The Face-the-Wall Squat
The Halo
The Sumo Deadlift Lockout Test
The Pump Stretch (contains Pavel's opening remarks for this section)

3. Kettlebell Safety 101: "It's Your Fault"

4. Enter The Courage Corner
Which kettlebells to start with. How to practice the lifts.

5. The Swing – For Legs and Conditioning That Won't Give Up
Enter The Swing
Swing Mastery Step #1: the Box Squat
Swing Mastery Step #2: the Standing Vertical Jump
Swing Mastery Step #3: the Towel Swing
The Swing Proper

6. The Get-up – For Shoulders That Can Take Punishment And Dish It Out
Get-up Mastery Step #1: Hold Your Kettlebell Just Right
Get-up Mastery Step #2: Pick Up and Set Your Kettlebell Down Safely
Get-up Mastery Step #3: Keep Your Elbow Straight and Your Shoulder in its Socket
Get-up Mastery Step #4: The Get-up Proper

7. The Clean – Crisp Like A Punch
Enter The Clean
Clean Mastery Step #1: the Grip
Clean Mastery Step #2: the Rack
'Relaxed tension' in RKC quick lifts
Clean Mastery Step #3: the Drop
Clean Mastery Step #4: the Clean Proper
Clean in Front of a Wall

8. The Press – For Shoulders Like The Kremlin Parade Troops'
Press Mastery Step #1: the Loaded Clean
Press Mastery Step #2: Push Yourself Away from the Kettlebell
Press Mastery Step #3: the Groove
Press Mastery Step #4: Use the Breath to Maintain Tension
Press Mastery Step #5: Lower the Kettlebell

9. The Snatch – For Android Work Capacity And The Pain Tolerance Of An Immortal
The Snatch: Introduction
Snatch Mastery Step #1: the High Pull
Snatch Mastery Step #2: The Lockout
Snatch Mastery Step #3: Don't Bang Your Forearm
Snatch Mastery Step #4: Don't Strain Your Shoulder or Elbow
Snatch Mastery Step #5: The Drop
Snatch Mastery Step #6: The Snatch Proper
The Snatch and Walk

10. Safety as a Part of, not the Opposite of Performance (It's Still Your Fault)

11. Conclusion

The Making of a Kettlebell

1.Enter The Kettlebell
2.The Kettlebell Pattern
3.Pressing The Kettlebell Mold
4.Molding The BEAST
5.Smoking Molds
6.Food for the Fiery Furnace
7.Preparing the Fiery Furnace
8.Rivers of Fire
9.Crucible for a Hot Kettlebell
10. Pouring The Kettlebell Molds
11. Breaking Open The Kettlebell Molds
12. The Smoking Kettlebell
13. Red-Hot Kettlebell Molds
14. Shaking Out The Kettlebell
15. Hammer and Kettlebell
16. Sandblasting The Kettlebell
17. Grinding The Kettlebell
18. Junk Pile Kettlebells: Back to the Future
19. You Are Next!

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